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Yumana launches the first intrapreneurship barometer!

To all the curious, the experts... to all those interested in the future of intrapreneurship!

What future for Intrapreneurship?

Several weeks of survey,
65 respondents and 19 sectors represented,
25 pages of analysis...

You are eager to discover the major trends of intrapreneurship?

You want to know what your peers are doing in terms of intrapreneurship?

What are the best practices?

This first edition of the barometer presents the state of the art of intrapreneurship in Europe in 2021, put forward how companies operate and outline the major trends for the coming decade.

Here is an uncompromising portrait of intrapreneurship! This barometer will also give you the keys to make the right choice when defining your innovation strategy or designing your intrapreneurship program.